Our Story


Hi, I’m Sarah! Designer and Maker here at Little, Longer. You may have noticed we have grown up and look a bit different (better!)

After 5 years of designing, creating and selling my handcrafted children's clothes at markets I decided I either keep treating my one-true-passion as just a hobby, or I put on my big girl pants and take this biz to the next level. And so here we are!

I have always adored making sweet clothes for boys that are cute, not cool. I knew from talking to hundreds of Boy Mums, there just wasn’t enough choice for boys clothes that were sweet, unique, long-lasting and weren’t trying to make little boys into little teenagers!

So my heart and head lead the way and Little, Longer - sweet clothes for boys, was (re)born. I believe children of today are growing up too quickly, rushing through those precious years of magical innocence so it is my mission to design clothes that keep them little for longer.

Our hand-adorned designs are created and hand-sewn by me. I want to inspire big imaginations and spread a message of kindness, because today it is totally cool to be kind! It’s our responsibility as adults to ensure our kids know this everyday.

My tee’s, jumpers and onesies are made from premium quality material and ethically produced so they are made to last the rough and tumble life of boys, wash beautifully and never shrink or lose their shape.

My lovingly and slowly produced fashion is made to last and to be passed on and on again - unlike the cheap and mass-produced pieces you find in retail chains.

I encourage you to shop small, shop with intention and help make a kinder more imaginative world one little piece of clothing at a time.

Thanks for joining me and I look forward to getting to know you and your little boys more!